What do they do? What makes them so disgusting? How did they end up slumming through the streets of ScareCity?

Find out here, but try not to get too attached to any of them. Who knows what they're capable of!


Voted class clown 3 years in a row, Alfred’s only mission in life is to disrupt his teachers. If he hasn’t successfully made someone laugh so hard that milk came out their nose that day, he feels empty.

Alfred also has a problem with wandering off. Have you seen him, by chance?


Marilyn lives for her students! Or will they be the death of her? Having worked the past 26 years as a teacher to young monsters at the elementary school CareKiddy, she feels personally responsible for how they’ve each turned out: the good, the bad, and especially the ugly.


Ernest takes particular joy sitting in the park to silently judge the other monsters as they pass by. After years of failing to amount to anything in life, he takes comfort in feeding the birds. They especially love to feast on the dead skin that flakes off his many skin folds.


In her 33rd year as a maid at the Frighten Inn, she knows all of the gossip about every single guest that spends a night. She’s available to clean your filthy homes at all hours of the night. All she asks in return is a bit of money and a large bag of candy.

Big Byron

Standing tall at well over 9 feet and weighing in at 420 pounds, Big Byron is the most feared bouncer at the famous ScareCity nightclub, Creatures of the Night. Spending all his free time helping smaller creatures at the gym, Big Byron is now 84% muscle.


Pipa works as a maid for Jackie, the Desperate Housewife of ScareCity. Pipa knows all of Jackie’s dirty secrets, but knows how to use that blackmail to her advantage. Looking for love, Pipa would settle for anyone who would simply rub her 14 toes after a long day’s work.


When ScareCity needed a leader, Flabby was there.
When a shipment of urgent medicine went missing, Flabby was there?
When a scandal rocked City Hall, Mayor Flabby was RIGHT THERE!
When an envelope of money passed hands in a dark alley, Flabby wasn’t there, understood?


Kim is the true definition of “too cool for school.” While Alfred and Kyle try daily to make Kim laugh, she hasn’t so much as cracked a smile all school year. A true monster, on the outside and the inside.

Disco Bob

Disco Bob peaked in the 70s, along with disco music. He spends every weekend stuck in discos, the same way his life is stuck in the 70s. After he’s had enough drinks to loosen up, the only thing getting him off the dance floor is Big Byron.


Melvin owns ScareCity’s only men’s coiffure, HairCity. While some creatures leave what little hair they have a mess, Melvin takes care of all the monsters who roam the streets of ScareCity hoping to impress. As a successful businessman, he’s quite the “catch of the day!”


Rosanne’s esca lights the way for her as she miserably works yet another night shift at the carnivorous dinner, Meatures. Though she’s never had a happy moment in her life, she’s made many of the ScareCity creatures howl at the moon with desire.

Sticky Sam

Sticky Sam can be found at every open stage night, live concert, or recording session that happens in ScareCity. From jazz to metal, from country to rap, Sticky Sam is a cool cat that was in a different band in each of his nine lives.


Knowing that he’ll never be as cool as Alfred, Kyle is happy to play his sidekick. At school, he is best known for his incredible dodgeball skills, with his third eye letting him keep track of every opponent. Too bad it’s not enough to impress Kim.


Timmy is destined to spend his career in the same entry-level job, baiting traps in the town’s hunting shop, SnareKitty. When not at work, Timmy can be found couch surfing with anyone who will take him in, or he'll be found in the woods trying to catch breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Edgar is shop foreman at the town’s cherished tourist attraction, the haunted house ScareKiddy. The props he builds, the sets he designs, the illusions he creates… all turn even the toughest of creatures into crying babies. He can proudly say he sometimes even scares himself.


Spending all of her time taking care of others has left Janice without a moment to take care of herself. She’s looking for a soul mate, not just to care for her, but to anticipate her every need. A sugar daddy never sounded as sweet. Too bad she can’t tolerate other creatures…


Marlo has two modes, 0 or 100. You’ll either find him passed out in his quiet, lush garden outside the city’s limits, or partying hard right up to the moment that Big Byron cuts his night short. Seeing as no cab will pick him up, each night ends with a 4-hour walk in the dark.


Pickle didn’t choose the street life, the street life chose Pickle. Having never caught a break growing up, Pickle has had to fend for himself from a young age, hustling and scamming his way through each and every day. He and Butch often share what little they can steal.


Having lived more days of his life out on the water than on land, Kuhthooloo passes his time fishing for bottom feeders. While not particularly tasty, they make for good bait, which he delivers to Timmy at SnareKitty.


Seldom seen in the real world, Acid can always be found online in the game NowhereCity. Hacking and scamming her way through this virtual world, Acid has managed to never make a single true friend. Yet she somehow knows every creature’s deepest secrets…


As ScareCity’s greatest conman, Butch knows every back alley the city has to offer. From counterfeit money, to poached endangered animals, to rare art, Butch has sold it all. He’s never been caught, but it’s just a matter of time until he slips up.


As a young monster clearing garbage for just a few lamports, to making multi-million SOL deals as ScareCity’s top entrepreneur, Casper knows how to squeeze his way into every deal. Always with a new scheme to sell you on, Casper will get your wallet out in no time!


Having been fired and rehired countless times from CareKiddy, Agnes’ passion to help young monsters is matched only by her loathing of young monsters. But, not one to avoid self torture, she pushes herself to spend her time moulding their young minds for the worse.


A promising up-and-coming rap artist, Slug just dropped his latest LP, FlairGritty. It catalogues his feelings as a young creature with a unique sense of style and a determined grittiness that can’t be matched. He and Snoo Snoo are one hit single away from fame and fortune.

Snoo Snoo

Having been in the music scene since the beginning, Snoo Snoo is a true D-O-double-G: Disgusting Original Grimey Gangster. When he started out, he was mentored by the great Ollie Ocean. Now he’s returning the favour by taking Slug under wing.


Working as the groundskeeper for Jackie’s sprawling estate, Garland has spent his years keeping other people’s lives in order. But this comes at the expense of his own life. Living in a clearing in the forest, Garland longs for the day where he finds someone to fix him.

Ollie Ocean

The only creature to find fame beyond ScareCity’s borders, Ollie Ocean has worked with every musician to ever walk these mean streets. Ollie Ocean’s voice can scare the hair off a cat and put a fierce wolf at bay. Big Byron always lets him skip the line at Creatures of the Night.


Having grown up a hustler and then marrying rich, Jackie is proud of her status as Gold Digger. It sure beats her last job, Grave Digger. With enough money at her disposal to ruin any monster’s life, Jackie keeps people at her feet through fear, not love.


Made up of one large grouping of muscles that all pulsate together, Arnolda is ScareCity’s most feared creature. While only Big Byron is able to spot Arnolda in the gym, everyone can spot them at the town’s drag club, BearPretty. Their muscles pulsing to the beat.


While every cop in the ScareCity knows Kurtis is behind a string of crimes, he’s managed to never be caught. Using younger monsters to do his dirty work, Kurtis sits back and takes his cut. Not one thing happens within this town unless Kurtis allows it.