ScareCity is a collection of 30 unique NFT characters with their own hand-drawn variations, each more scarce than the last. Minted on the Solana blockchain across 10 days, you’ll be able to own a piece of the scariest city in the Metaverse.


30 creatures sold over 10 days

  • Public Mint and Presale starting on February 16, 2022
  • Each day, 3 new creatures will find their way to ScareCity
  • As room becomes more scarce, so do the creatures!
  • As the scarcity increases, so does the price

ScareCity Memories NFTs

By owning multiple characters participating in different scenes, holders will be able to freely claim limited edition scenes of ScareCity.

See our Discord server for the list of memories as we build them.


  • The NFT universe is large, and ScareCity is the newest and hottest location. Let’s be sure to be good neighbours by showing our love and support of others
  • Airdrops, giveaways, and surprises will be a common theme

Charity Donation

Wanting to help others who society may have left behind, 5% of all funds raised during the minting period will go to United Way through TechAide

In every city

there is a group of outcasts, misfits, unwanted neighbours who frighten the citizens by day and roam the streets by night.

ScareCity is where these vagabonds can find each other and affirm their uniqueness. This hoard of scary outsiders will grow in numbers each day, as more wanderers join. After 10 days, 10,000 unique down-and-out monsters will find their place in ScareCity
a place where normal would feel out of place.

Finding their home

In the Solana universe, each creature can only be minted once they find their way to ScareCity.

Quickly growing in numbers at first, the pace slows down drastically, as roaming creatures become more rare and space fills up. But with limited space comes higher costs.

Each day, the amount of base creatures available to mint will decrease, while the price in SOL will increase.

This will take place for 10 days.

Born out
of passion

The ScareCity project was born out of a passion project in which Sylvain created a unique creature each day over the course of a month.

Take part in this creative journey and celebrate our collective imperfections.

Wanting to help others

In honour of our coming together to help these forgotten creatures find a loving home and community, we will be donating 5% of all minting revenue to United Way.

ScareCity shares in their mission to help those who may have been left behind in society.


When will minting start?

Early Access minting will begin on February 15th and Public Access will begin on February 16th. It will happen over 10 days. Join our Discord and follow our Twitter for ways to get Early Access!.

How many ScareCity creatures will be available to mint?

30 base ScareCity creatures will make up the 10,000 total unique NFTs.

How much will it cost to mint?

Unlike most other projects, ScareCity will not have a single minting price. The first day will start at 0.25 SOL, and each day thereafter will be 0.1 SOL more to mint. 

Are there any royalties on secondary sales?

All secondary market trades will have a 5% royalty for the creators. This will be used to unlock new things for all ScareCity holders, and allow us to expand the ScareCity universe. 

Has there been an audit of the smart contract?

ScareCity is built using the Metaplex Candy Machine code which is used by the vast majority of Solana NFT projects. 

Why is ScareCity on the Solana Blockchain?

As part of our mission to give back, we wanted as little of your hard earned money going to transaction fees, leaving more available for charity and to build out other parts of the ScareCity project. Solana enables that.

What wallet should I use to mint my ScareCity creature?

Currently, the most popular wallet in Solana for NFTs is Phantom.

Where can I buy SOL?

Once you have created an account for the Solana blockchain using Phantom, you’ll be able to fund it with SOL tokens. SOL is available for purchase on all the major crypto exchanges including FTX, Binance and Coinbase.